DUNKIRK: Council aboard with spending

Dunkirk’s runaway train continued down the track on Tuesday evening as council members in a 4-1 vote approved the 2020 budget plan. While there is no tax increase, there are plenty of worries.

While Mayor Wilfred Rosas’ administration has made strides with the waterfront and by helping with business expansion, specifically Fieldbrook Foods and Wells Enterprises Inc., the spending does not slow down. In fact, compared to last year, the budget increases expenses by $985,522 — 4.1 percent.

Things are not looking up that much in the city.

“I cannot vote in favor of this spending plan as it does not address the long term, structural, impending challenges this city is facing,” Councilman Shaun Heenan said in voting against the plan. “The city is again just kicking the can down the road.”

Unsurprisingly, that is nothing new for this administration — or all the previous ones.


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