#MYFREDONIA Momentum builds in village


Even though Douglas Essek is less than three weeks away from officially becoming mayor of Fredonia, he is already rising to the challenge. On Wednesday, he was the collective voice for the village.

As he came forward during the community rally in support of the efforts for the Small Business Revolution, Essek was showered with applause. Almost as though the ovation caught him off guard, he quickly gathered himself and led the cheers at a packed Fredonia Opera House and Performing Arts Center.

“We want Fredonia to win, right?,” Essek shouted, as the crowd chanted “Fredonia, Fredonia” and stomped their feet.

That Wednesday experience was magical — and it left the Small Business Revolution representatives impressed. It has been a wonderful transition to the holiday season. Community members are proud and excited about the possibility Fredonia could go from being a Top 10 community to top five to win $500,000.

It’s a big deal. Essek — and all the other organizers — deserve praise for their time and energy. Community members, who have not already stepped up, need to do so soon.

Remember, on Twitter and Facebook it’s #myfredonia; #smallbusinessrevolution; #deluxe. It is that simple — and it matters a whole bunch.


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