SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: A city teen’s life-saving actions

Submitted Photo In this photo taken Aug. 27, Hannah baked and decorated a golf cake for her “Grampie’s” birthday. Hannah is credited with saving her grandfather’s life by calling 911 while he was having a heart attack.

Who knows what may have happened if Sheridan’s David Taber Sr. did not make the trip in November to pick up his granddaughter Hannah Rosing from Dunkirk Middle School.

Hannah, whose mother is a nurse at Dunkirk’s Brooks Memorial Hospital, noticed upon arriving to the car after the school day had ended that her grandfather was in obvious discomfort. She took fast action.

After attempting to communicate with Taber, she made the call to 911 and told the emergency services dispatcher, “He has a heart condition and is unresponsive.”

It set the wheels in motion for a recovery.

Taber is a dedicated Dunkirk Joint Veterans Council Honor Guard member and family man. Thanks to Hannah, the family has added joy — and thanks — this holiday season.

“Knowing it was Hannah who saved my life makes me emotional.” Through tears, he managed to add, “She’s fantastic. She’s my guardian angel.”


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