27TH DISTRICT: A deserved dose of embarrassment

A disgraced former U.S. representative has decided to flee a district and state he once represented. In sentencing before a federal judge earlier this month, Chris Collins admitted his dismay and embarrassment.

“I left Buffalo, I went to Florida,” Collins said during the sentencing reported by The Buffalo News. “I have not been back and I am leaving again tomorrow. I cannot face my constituents. What I have done has marked me for life.”

He should have never won election in 2018. But voters nowadays — despite all the information available to them through online sources — often are not as educated as they should be when they head to the polls.

For many living in the 27th Congressional District, they chose Collins even though he had been charged only three months earlier for insider trading. Making matters worse, Collins criticized media outlets for reporting this “fake news.” Let that be a lesson to those who believe that term.

Collins is going to jail for 26 months. He not only let down a region, he lied to a nation.

Shame on those who voted for him and allowing that to happen. We all need to be smarter than that when choosing our leaders.