BROCTON Ending nears at troubled site


Brocton’s major eyesore — and dangerous structure — will be coming down by the middle of March. Located at 14 E. Main St., the building has been a source of controversy for about a decade.

“It’s a dangerous condition, as you all know,” said Peter Clark, village attorney. “We would like to find a remedy. The least expensive way to remedy the building is for the village to buy the property. Once the village owns it, then the Land Bank will get involved and tear down both of the buildings. They will cover the cost of that, which is around $200,000.”

Village leaders approved the purchase, which also brings a bit of bad news. Cave’s Deli will be closing at the end of this month.

There was no safe way to demolish the site that also houses the popular deli in the village, which is very unfortunate. But there was no telling how long it would be until the unstable structure would possibly wreak additional havoc for the village or its neighbors if it started coming down.

This was the best of all possible scenarios.