EQUALITY Country struggles with values

Our United States of America were founded on a strong belief of having freedom and equality. No matter how well things are going for our country economically, there is always a struggle for both.

During international wars, this nation and its military have always answered the call. When it comes to equality, however, there is never true agreement.

Even today, numerous hate crimes continue to make the headlines and devastate communities while inducing fear. University campuses and schools are coping with these issues as well from this region to Syracuse and downstate.

That is why today is so important. About 55 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. made America rethink its values and bring us all closer together. He did it with words, compassion, love — and without violence.

On this day, we remember his strength and values. Though steps have been taken, there are many obstacles ahead.

America, more than 240 years later, is still finding its way.


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