HOSPITALS E-mail notes appear careless


Brooks-TLC Hospital System Inc. consistently sends a message to its staff about being compassionate and caring with patients. However, the administration needs to remember to heed its own message when it comes to dealing with some upset employees.

On Dec. 3, the hospital announced the closure of the Lakeshore campus in Irving was to take place Jan. 1. While some areas on the campus have shut down, the emergency room and the behavioral health unit remain open — and dedicated staff are doing their jobs.

But these employees, who have been told they are being laid off, continue to receive correspondence that could be considered a slap in the face. Consider over the holidays, a message from the administration of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year — only 17 days after being told their jobs were being eliminated.

Then, just last week, some staff were irate after receiving an e-mail on how to participate and donate for the summer golf tournament. Toward the end of the message, there was one more bitter line: “Check your email for further information and ways you can participate throughout the upcoming months.”

There’s no question the Brooks-TLC future is uncertain. But management could do a much better job of controlling the message, especially to those workers whose time is limited with the organization.


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