#MYFREDONIA There’s still work to be done


Taking just a glimpse on the Small Business Revolution Facebook page shows a tremendous amount of support for the village of Fredonia over the last month. In fact, of the 10 finalists, our Western New York village had the most likes, comments and shares.

Obviously, that could not be ignored — and drove Fredonia to the final five. Now, more work needs to be done to win $500,000 in revitalization funding.

That job, which could take minutes each day, involves voting. You, family and friends across the country can make a difference just by simply voting.

As noted by the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, the community is encouraged to register their choice once a day on every device they can access by going to votemyfredonia.com. Once on the voting page there will be a prompt to enter an email. Voters can use the same email address each time they vote. For example if an individual owns a desktop, phone, tablet and has a computer at work they can vote four times each day.

And just like election day, every vote counts.


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