SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Singing praises with music

OBSERVER Photo by Natasha Matteliano To kick off the Board of Education meeting, Andrew Bennett introduced the High School Cello Quartet, the PanCellos, to perform a piece. From left to right, Adeliz Gottinger, Owyn Darrell-Sterbak, Amelia Harper and Tegenya Graziano.

Board of Education members were fully tuned in earlier this week when the music program was being discussed at Fredonia Central Schools.

Besides hearing an excellent performance, the board heard about the program’s success in recent years from teacher Andrew Bennett. “Research has also proven that students who continue through music their whole school career and are actively participating, they usually have less issues with substance abuse,” said Bennett. “Whether it’s cause or effect, it’s happening.”

Numbers also tell the story. In the last year, 222 solos were performed by Fredonia students at Chautauqua County Music Teacher’s Association and New York State School Music Association Festivals. In addition, 113 seats in All County, Area All-State, and All-State ensembles were filled by Fredonia student musicians since 2018.

Those numbers and achievements are definitely noteworthy.


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