Community Taking lead during crisis


Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist, in only his second of month of office, wasted no time in delivering a message to the community regarding recent shootings that have occurred in the city he oversees. He and Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings spoke about input and cooperation during what has become a tense time.

“This administration is more about transparency and dialogue with the community,” Sundquist said on Tuesday. “So we thought it was right to hold a meeting to talk about the shootings that have occurred in the last month or so.”

Excellent choice.

North county residents do not often receive the same treatment, especially last spring when tensions in the city of Dunkirk had some on high alert. Gunshots were fired in one section with the stabbing death of a teenager happening within the next week.

Those here, including Mayor Wilfred Rosas, chose to remain quiet. That does nothing to solve the anxiety or concerns facing a community.

Leaders need to be out in front when there is a crisis. Sundquist’s actions are an example for those here when troubles mount.


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