DUNKIRK Familiar tune in address


If there is one thing Mayor Wilfred Rosas has done well in the city of Dunkirk is the amount of relationship building during his first term. He vows to make that a priority again.

In his State of the City address Friday, the mayor greeted local elected officials from across the region with different affiliations. Those included: Douglas Essek, R-Fredonia mayor; Richard Purol, town of Dunkirk supervisor; Sheriff James Quattrone; and even the council members who he has butted head’s with during their first month. Those include Republicans Nancy Nichols, James Stoyle and sometime Democrat Donald Williams. Martin Bamonto was also in attendance while Paul VanDenVouver could not attend due to his work schedule.

“Building relationships, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the most important, if not the most important job of a mayor,” Rosas stated. “When I go out to Albany. I make sure that I meet with some of the governor’s commissioners because these are the people that I’m going to need to talk to when we need help here in the city.”

There were plenty of other accomplishments, some questionable, but no one will ever doubt the mayor’s work ethic when touting Dunkirk. That’s a win for everyone.