SILVER CREEK Billing trend starts to grow

It’s a sign of the times. Silver Creek’s Emergency Squad has been given the approval to move forward with billing for services.

Earlier this month, the Village Board approved the measure. On its Facebook page Thursday, the Silver Creek Volunteer Fire Department voiced its support for the measure. “A step forward so our ambulance service doesn’t become non-existent! Congratulations and good work by all involved parties to make this happen.”

Volunteers in the department understand that things got much tougher when Lakeshore Hospital closed. Before Feb. 2, patients could be taken to the facility. Now, the trip to a nearby hospital has become 20 to 40 minutes longer.

Village of Silver Creek residents will have their co-pay waived for any services, according to the agreement with the third-party billing company.

For now, however, Silver Creek joins the ranks of Fredonia and Dunkirk with the billing. Other municipalities may soon follow.


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