CORONAVIRUS ‘Unique situation’ affects us all

Every occupation is being tested by the coronavirus. Some jobs have been put on hold while others, including at this newspaper and the other essential businesses, continue to keep the region informed, healthy and supplied.

Last week, New York state called the closing of numerous businesses and also recommended fewer workers at some locations. Dentists have been affected by the recent order as well.

It’s an unprecedented time for all of us. “This is a very unique situation,” said Dr. Russell DiPalma said. “In over 40 years of practice, I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. The only time similar was the Blizzard of ’77 when I was in dental school. I actually put on my cross country skis to make it in to school because everything had shut down.”

DiPalma’s reference to the big blizzard likely brought some smiles. We could use more of those at this time.


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