COUNTY: Stay strict on testing

A common complaint to this newspaper, through email and Facebook, is not enough information is coming from Chautauqua County and the Health Department regarding testing. Of course, many of these commenters are growing anxious as we reach Week Two of our new normalcy due to the coronavirus.

On Monday, county officials were to be commended when addressing the public during a press conference. Both County Executive PJ Wendel and Christine Schuyler of the Health Department were open about the first two positive cases and also when speaking about the issues with testing for the virus. For those who are not paying attention, there is a shortage of tests from here to California.

With the realization that there are now positive cases here, more COVID-19 tests will likely be coming to this area. But county officials — and those doing the testing — need to remain consistent in being strict on how they test.

Overall, everyone in health care and keeping the public informed is doing an outstanding job.


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