DUNKIRK Nothing positive at City Hall

The OBSERVER's view

Lots has happened since Dunkirk’s last Common Council meeting on March 3. After council members tabled a resolution to have more of a voice regarding mayoral appointments, a lawsuit was filed by Mayor Wilfred Rosas against four council members to reverse the terminations of two positions in January.

Tonight’s meeting could get even more interesting as the power play continues. As City Editor Jo Ward notes in an article in today’s edition, council is now looking to have $30,000 transferred from personnel services to a new account created for the legislative branch to allow for outside counsel.

We never expected a harmonious relationship between the mayor and this council. What we figured, however, was some greater checks and balances occurring.

Terminations and new resolutions that could have long-term implications on how power is distributed today and in the future do not put the city in a positive light. Filing a lawsuit adds to the negativity.

Dunkirk could sink itself just on the basis of outside investors watching this nasty scenario play out. Of course, this would not be the first time the city would be its own worst enemy.


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