READING: Challenges not as easy as A-B-C

Dunkirk City Schools Interim Superintendent Sylvia Root’s time here is limited. By the middle of April, current Bemus Point Superintendent Michael Mansfield will be at the helm. We look forward to what he has to offer to the second-largest district in the county.

But Root is not ready to call it quits. By all accounts, especially from school board members, she has been fantastic to work with and has brought some needed direction.

Her latest focus deals with the district’s reading program, which is something her predecessor also saw as a priority. At a recent school board meeting, Root said, third-graders in the district are still facing struggles.

“This is an issue for us and our principals, teachers recognize we need to change this procedure for many of our students,” she said.

When the problem occurs early — and is not rectified — it affects students for the remainder of their time in the education process. Some may get so frustrated, they may drop out.

Root has decided the district needs a new curriculum that allows more time for learning how to read. To do this, a committee will be formed to consider options moving forward.

As Root knows, there is no time to waste.


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