FREDONIA: Familiar scene at wrong time

The OBSERVER's view

Normalcy in these unprecedented times returned for an evening in the village of Fredonia. A governing body that for more than a decade has shown more dysfunction than responsibility once again tried to upstage the coronavirus national crisis on a local level.

The dispute last week led to the resignation of James Sedota, village treasurer. For his part, Sedota wanted an employee to be hired to help with training in the office. This led to differing opinions, which turned petty.

Those most vocal in the discussions were newly elected Trustee Roger Pacos and newly appointed Trustee EvaDawn Bashaw. Previous village disagreements never looked professional. Considering the timing of this one, it’s just one more black eye for this board.

Our nation and world are facing a major pandemic. Village leaders need to remember — in this big picture — they are very inconsequential.

At this time, especially, get it together and act as though there is some unity. Nothing is going to be easy for the coming months and year.


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