County: Fiscal challenges just beginning

It is becoming unsettling for some in Chautauqua County in regard to the cash crisis that is looming. Brad Bentley, public facilities director, says the virus has made working conditions tougher on supervisors and the bottom line.

“It’s been a monumental task to deal with this chaos,” he told the county Planning Board. “Looking forward to next year? I’m trying to survive today.”

Most of the brunt of the current shutdown has impacted many small businesses, restaurants and shops. But these closed venues lead to less dollars going to county coffers in terms of the sales tax.

Board members who heard Bentley’s pleas said they would pass on a ranked list of projects for the coming months to legislators. Many of those elected county officials have been quiet for far too long in recent years while the economy was buzzing along.

Now, like Bentley, they have a true crisis on their hands.


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