COVID-19: ‘Amazing’ result from Gowanda

Often when dealing with the coronavirus, we report on the numbers and the impact the disease is having on our region, its governments and schools. Just as important are the successes.

One of those happened at the Gowanda Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. In early April, an 81-year-old was admitted to the facility after testing positive for COVID-19. After a more than two-week stay, this individual was able to go home.

“We are very blessed to have such an amazing team at Gowanda,” said Heather Juul at the facility. “Everyday they look forward to coming to work to help these patients recover quickly and return home.”

Gowanda’s care center has a unit and team dedicated to assisting COVID-19 patients. Those team members are not allowed in other areas of the facility.

On our front page on May 2 was a picture of some of that team. What a fantastic sight it was — and what a wonderful story to be able to tell.


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