DISTANCING Staying social while apart

The OBSERVER's view

On Thursday, Chautauqua County Sheriff Jim Quattrone was a guest on WDOE. He touched on a number of topics including the new app and the false allegations that his department was going to collect guns from residents.

During the conversation, Quattrone was asked about social distancing. He said maybe we should call it “spatial distancing.”

“We’re social creatures and we need to be reaching out to one another.” That’s a good word.

As a society, we need to stay connected. Some are using Zoom to talk to family and friends, others are using other programs such as Facebook Messenger or Skype. Churches are using Facebook Live or YouTube. Even just picking up the telephone and dialing the number of a loved one is a great way to stay in touch.

There’s been a number of vehicle parades to honor students, birthdays and more. Friends are gathering in vehicles in parking lots.

Eventually our spatial distancing restrictions will change, but until then, let’s follow the sheriff’s good advice and stay social.


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