Fredonia: ‘Chaos’ evident across globe


Appointed Fredonia Trustee EvaDawn Bashaw had some puzzling remarks for fellow Village Board members Roger Britz and Roger Pacos during last week’s vote on a $10.3 million budget. Both Britz and Pacos had questions on the plan before both noting their opposition.

By a 3-2 vote, however, the budget that increased spending as economies around us have come to a halt was approved. “I find it unfortunate that we’ve had this budget since March 20 and we wait until this date to bring up these concerns,” she said. “We’ve initiated the thought that this is chaos, and this is not chaos.”

Bashaw is absolutely incorrect. The village budget and, to a larger extent, this world we currently live in are in “chaos.”

Revenues are in doubt for government and business as well as the expenses. There’s no clear-cut answer to anything that is happening in our lives today.

School districts, for example, are reeling when it comes to funding. The village will likely find troubles ahead as well.

But who cares. According to the appointed Bashaw, a spending plan — that faces so many unknowns at this time — “is not chaos.”


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