MEMORIAL DAY True show of patriotism


It sure felt like the beginning of summer on Monday.

Across our region, especially here in Dunkirk-Fredonia, residents made their way to the great outdoors that included a splash of sunshine and 80-degree temperatures after a brutal period since mid March that has impacted just about everyone. Equally as important on Monday was the patriotic sentiment.

Flags were flying. Remembrances, even during this unprecedented time in America, did continue in one way or another.

Our Monday edition included plenty of reminders on why paying tribute to our fallen soldiers is so important. One front-page article even touched on two former north county icons who served in the military.

America, when times get tough, can be at its best. Northern Chautauqua County — and the rest of Western New York — showed it is once again proud of this great country and those who have sacrificed.


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