SUNDAY SHOUTOUT: Many offer signs of gratitude

Rose Miller, patient care associate, and Mackenzie Szopinski, RN, refuel on complimentary Tim Horton’s coffee and breakfast before a long day ahead caring for patients. Submitted Photo.

There is plenty of appreciation for those on the front lines. From the firefighters, police officers, emergency response crews and health-care professionals, residents are offering thanks in many ways.

Some have done it with messages in chalk while others have sent meals and treats to many who are keeping us safe during the coronavirus crisis. An outpouring of support also has been seen at the Brooks-TLC Hospital System.

As of last week, these individuals made donations for a chicken barbecue at the hospital: Stephen and Patricia Arnold, Holly Benton, John & Mira Berkley, Nancy Boynton, Donald and Martha Burdick, The Honorable Timothy Cooper, Jack and Mary Martha Croxton, Lisa Gay Eikenburg, Susan Engberg, Richard and Judith Leva, Ellen Litwicki, Carolyn and Robert McMinn, Dr. James and Marcia Merrins, Laura and Eugene Sarek Frank Schneider and Frances Sliwinski.

Even in some of our darkest times, bright spots surround us.


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