Center offers new beginning

It will be a whole new look for The Chautauqua Center in Dunkirk. Last week, officials from the health-care facility announced a major build for the city.

“We did a thorough assessment, looking at buildings and lots and found that it was cheaper to build a whole new structure as opposed to renovating an existing one,” said Michael Pease, chief executive officer of the center. “We secured the property in October of last year and after doing assessments and environmental site reviews we’re ready to begin construction.”

Dunkirk already has worries about Brooks Memorial Hospital relocating to Fredonia. While the timetable on that is likely delayed, it’s reassuring to know The Chautauqua Center will remain in the heart of the city — at a larger location.

According to plans announced at the city Zoning Board, the $5 million project will be located at Third Street and Park Avenue. That, for all intents and purposes, we will be a welcome addition.


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