City gathering embraces unity

Three Dunkirk seniors, who have been through three months of anticipation and disappointment, showed many in our community what leadership is about. After witnessing a number of peaceful rallies and protests around the region and nation, these young ladies decided to bring a gathering of peace to downtown.

Not only was the event embraced by the hundreds who attended, it also hit home on a number of points. Most importantly, the event was a team effort.

Besides the girls, there was city Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Police Chief David Ortolano as well as a number of other community leaders — in the crowd and who spoke.

“Our generation must make these changes so that our children can go for a jog in a neighborhood, can read a book in a car, can walk with a bag of candy without fearing for their lives,” said Jericha Petrella, one of the three Dunkirk High seniors. “Let this be the end to the centuries of suffering that the black community has endured so that our future generations don’t have to face these adversaries.”

She and the other key organizers, classmates Gabrielle Hart and Yuribeth Castro, may be young adults. But on Saturday, all three — and our community — stood tall and as one.


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