COMMUNITY: Recognizing service by youth


During more than two months of being in shut-down mode due to the pandemic, it is good to see that younger members of our community have continued to serve and make a difference.

In the weekend OBSERVER, members of area Boy Scout Troop 267 were featured for their commitment and determination. In those months, members have taken up food collection, cleaned area beaches, made masks and created games. Their efforts have touched just about every community.

Some of the organizations and locations that have benefited include the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, the Forestville Food Pantry, Point Gratiot, Sheridan Bay Park and the town of Sheridan during a Memorial Day service.

Scouting has been evolving for years — even using an online component. As all these examples show, our young community members are learning the value of giving back and making contributions that touch the lives of many.


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