COUNTY: Quality care at area homes

For many of us — from the middle of March through today — the COVID-19 crisis has provided a number of dark days. On a local level, businesses have been closed and numerous residents have been laid off or lost jobs.

Of even greater sadness hundreds of thousands have died in the United States of America and worldwide. Many of them who are older than 65.

Yet, Chautauqua County — with more than 100 cases through this week — has so far been able to keep some of its greatest at-risk population safe: those who are living in nursing homes. This is a tribute to the staffs and administrations of all these facilities for their efforts and care.

Last week, Chautauqua Nursing and Rehabilitation Center — which has barricaded its entrance to the community, announced that the more than 200 residents who are staying there are COVID-free. “The test results are a true reflection of each individual’s work ethic, personal follow-through and commitment to those in our care,” said Colleen Hart, facility administrator. “We could not be more proud of the CNRC team.”

All nursing homes across the county must be proud. They are on the front lines — and doing an excellent job of keeping everyone around them safe.


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