FREDONIA: More caution with opening

Residents and children may have already taken note. Playgrounds in Fredonia are once again open for use.

During Monday’s Village Board meeting, Mayor Douglas Essek mentioned the change while issuing a note of caution.

“All we ask is that everyone practice safe distancing and proper hygiene,” he said. “Yard sales can now be conducted as well, but there’s still a 10-person limit, please, when you hold a yard sale be conscious of those facts.”

A number of studies recently also have talked about the benefits of wearing a mask when in a social setting and distancing cannot be maintained. Proper mask usage can be uncomfortable, but necessary. It includes covering both the nose and mouth.

For our youth and adults — in the playground and out and about — we need to continue to practice safety that is in the best interest of ourselves and the rest of the community.


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