Town booming for wrong reasons

It is quite obvious the town of Hanover is having no blast when discussing the controversial propane cannon issue. Besides being a hot topic at recent meetings, there also has been some protests surrounding the booms that are bothering a number of residents.

During the last Town Board meeting, Supervisor Todd Johnson discussed the need for a noise and nuisance ordinance in regard to the problem that seems to be growing. What’s going to be tough to tackle is whether the cannon is being used in an agricultural district. Sometimes, these devices are used to keep pests, mainly crows and other wildlife, away from crops.

Still, the noise is taking a toll on more than just the residents. “I’ve had to drug my dog due to it. She will never be the same happy-go-lucky dog she was,” said area resident Laurie Josephson Franklin of the cannons. “She used to love going for walks. Now I fight to get her to go outside at all.”

A new ordinance may quell some of those who are upset. That does not mean there may not be other problems looming down the road.

Town attorney Jeff Passafaro, who was tasked with coming up with the new law, has no easy task.


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