GOWANDA Village full of gratitude


Gowanda, through a ceremony last week, proved once again that not only is it a caring community, but a grateful one as well. In unveiling a new helicopter pad and rescue truck, the elected officials, volunteers and those in attendance offered their thanks to former state Sen. Catharine Young.

“The commitment of our members has always been strong, but the commitment of our elected officials, whether local or state, is so important because they provide the tools and equipment that we need,” said fire chief Steven Raiport. “That helps us to keep our community safe and without their support, it would be very difficult to purchase equipment on our own.”

Young in 2018, helped secure about $200,000 in funding for the items that are used by the department that covers Collins, Persia, Perrsyburg as well as the Zoar Valley area. That’s quite a large radius for the volunteers who serve.

Our former senator was quite surprised to learn the pad and truck were dedicated to her efforts. “I thank you all so much for your kind words, but I’m not the hero in this,” she said. “You are heroes. Gowanda is one of those special places where people really do care about each other and take care of each other.”

That spirit, thanks to these additions, will continue.


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