DUNKIRK Crisis needed one message


There was some unneeded anxiety last week in the city of Dunkirk. When the Department of Public Works closed on Wednesday afternoon, many were asking questions.

Some of those individuals were residents while others were workers, even those in City Hall. While the matter is something that is of personal nature, it still could have possibly impacted many others.

Calls to the city on Wednesday brought few, if any answers. That’s because most of what was being heard regarding a potential COVID-19 case was unclear to many connected to the government.

What was needed, simply stated, was a consistent message from leadership. Whether it was put out in a document — or told to all the employees.

As we know, there are some who will not leave their homes because of their concerns over the virus. Those individuals want to know everything has been done properly to keep them safe.

No one is immune, as we have seen nationally, to contracting this disease. Getting out information even though numbers here are low remains important.


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