HANOVER New noise law is no sure fix

Hanover Town Board has put a law on the books that will be tough to enforce. Last week, officials approved a noise ordinance that is aimed at quieting the propane cannons that are going off throughout the day and night.

Its passing did not come with full support as Town Board members Wayne Ashley and Lou Pelletter voted against the law in what is an agricultural area. “The only problem is, without the law, those cannons are going to go off every minute the next time an individual gets aggravated with his neighbors, whether it’s for agriculture or not,” Town Board Bernard Feldmann said. “We have to go forward with it. I agree with Lou, it’s terrible that we have to, but we have no way to stop this. He’s creating misery for all these people.”

Another law, however, is no guaranteed fix. Hanover contracts with the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department. Enforcement of loud noises will not be easy. Besides that, how many other farms may be impacted unfortunately by this passing?

Government can only do so much in regulating nuisance and noise. For now, Hanover has done something. But, it is unlikely to solve the problem.


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