POINT GRATIOT Happy ending to scary scene

It was an emotional scene at Point Gratiot on Sunday. Around 3:20 p.m., city police and fire crews were called to respond after a swimmer went missing.

One of the early reports from a witness was the male, who was believed to be in his 20s, was seen near the cliffs by the Dunkirk Lighthouse but not seen again.

As worries grew, about 30 minutes later, crews found the person clinging to the rocks and had to be rescued by being hoisted to safety. It was a happy ending, but worrisome enough for all that Dunkirk Fire Department issued a warning for those going into Lake Erie.

“Tragedy was averted on Sunday but the area being used for recreation is off limits in the interest of public safety,” city fire Chief Michael Edwards said. “This summer alone the Dunkirk Fire Department has responded to five incidents around the Point Cliffs. These incidents included swimmers in distress, an overturned kayak and a jet ski colliding with the rocks.”

Anyone who is familiar with the park knows just how dangerous that area can be. Our community is grateful for our first responders, but individuals have a responsibility as well. They cannot put themselves in harm’s way.


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