DUNKIRK: Closing a setback to recent progress

During the troubled times of the pandemic, the manufacturing sector in the north county has been booming. There has been activity at the major plants of Nestle Purina, Refresco and Fieldbrook Foods, including a bit of expansion work as the location.

But there has been pain as well, which has been noted in the last three weeks. The REM-tronics location on Brigham Road will be closing. With it, about 69 jobs will be lost.

The company, which produces high-end electronics for the aerospace, industrial, medical and military industries, told employees in August it had made the “difficult decision” to close its Dunkirk facility. Some of the closure, without question, is related to a slowing economy due to the world’s health crisis. However, there were likely other factors that will lead to the building’s shuttering as well.

Dunkirk has a number of bright spots in its employment sector moving forward. But this recent event is unfortunate.


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