Fredonia: Deep troubles with state grant

Not only is water a major dilemma for the village of Fredonia. So is some $2.5 million awarded to the village for work that included the Opera House.

Last week, the village approved borrowing funding $1.5 million– for the project that was started and then stopped — for work on the exterior and interior. The situation, officials said, is at a critical point due to items being taken apart and windows exposed.

Even if the work is completed, there is not an air of confidence. “(New York state is) looking for ways to not give us our money and I’m afraid that if we don’t go through with the project they’re going to find one,” said attorney Dan Gard.

Everyone knows Albany’s desperation when it comes to money. It’s $16 billion in the hole.

That grant for the village, awarded during much better economic times, is no guarantee.


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