New attitude fits this board

Why in the world would current Pomfret Town Board member John Sedota consider a run for trustee in the village of Fredonia? Pomfret has a record of getting things done while running productive monthly meetings.

That is much different than what takes place in Fredonia. Its Village Board continues to run dysfunctionally while a number of items in government are going unchecked or deteriorating. Look no further than the September 20-day village water crisis.

There were few updates from the village and when criticism came to the Fredonia official Facebook page, it was removed. How is that leadership?

Sedota, however, comes with a solid record of service on the Town Board. He knows finances, which is more than we can say for the current Fredonia trustees. In a pandemic, incumbent EvaDawn Bashaw — who took the seat of current Mayor Doug Essek after he defeated Athanasia Landis — belittled others who questioned a $10 million budget proposal during a global pandemic in April.

“I find it unfortunate that we’ve had this budget since March 20 and we wait until this date to bring up these concerns,” she said. “We’ve initiated the thought that this is chaos, and this is not chaos.”

We beg to differ. A global pandemic like no other is nothing of the ordinary. Sedota brings experience — and comes from a Town Board that works together. We back him for the Fredonia seat while noting former village Police Chief Bradley Meyers also is seeking write-in votes for the position.


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