Social media brings dilemma

Fredonia Mayor Doug Essek is taking some heat from the social media world after he removed the village’s Facebook page on Tuesday. During the Village Board meeting last week, Essek gave his reasons for the removal.

“The page is highly unmonitored and it was apparent that users were getting very upset that their questions, statements and complaints weren’t being answered or engaged,” he said.

Essek is not incorrect. Social media questions and answers usually demand, not request, a quick response. If the reply does not come within a matter of minutes, those connected to the electronics often become impatient.

Unfortunately, this is just how our world operates. Social media posts happen in a blink of the eye. Waiting for responses — or information — sometimes just does not sit well with the cyberspace populace.

Essek decided, especially after the water emergency, to delete the page. That has brought other concerns, but the village still has other venues for communication with residents. It has upgraded its online presence while maintaining offices with phones in village hall.

Fredonia’s government — its mayor and Village Board — deserve some criticism in its lack of communication during the 20-day boil-water crisis. There needed to be daily updates and a more accurate message.

If it was not being done on Facebook — or the web site — what’s the point of having those formats?


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