Communication lacking in uptick

City of Dunkirk and north-county residents need to be alarmed. During the past month, cases have been on the increase in this area.

Some of that increase was due to a private party, but another spike is being linked to the social clubs. As the OBSERVER first reported on Oct. 23, the concerns began being voiced by members and non-members about the virus taking hold at some locations.

Health Department officials have not offered much information in regard to that outbreak, except in the one notification that told of how troubling the October spread had become — with more than 400 cases over the 31 days. Infections in the clubs totaled 17 last week, the county said.

“We’ve seen clusters related to a bridal dinner, a wedding, frequenting social clubs and bowling alleys. We’re seeing disease spread amongst households, group homes, health care facilities, co-workers and in places of business mainly because of activities that people partake in outside of work,” said Christine Schuyler, county Public Health Director. “COVID-19 is here and everyone needs to take personal responsibility for not spreading it. Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and stay home if you’re not feeling well.”

Communication goes both ways. While the county has a responsibility to let residents know about the issues, club officials also have to be accountable in this.

It has been a tough seven months for everyone in regard to the virus. By keeping important information quiet, it does not make it any better.


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