County inconsistent handling reveals

By announcing seven COVID-19 cases connected to the Fredonia Beaver Club, it reveals an inconsistency in how Chautauqua County and its Health Department are singling out some while letting others go under the radar. Since Oct. 23, this newspaper has covered a spike in virus cases, specifically in Dunkirk’s social clubs without naming particular locations.

On Monday, Chautauqua County announced the Beaver Club as one of the community hot spots. We’re not saying they were incorrect to do so, but it begs the question: how many is the right number to expose a business or organization?

Last Friday, a spike at a north county business was not disclosed. This left many in Dunkirk-Fredonia with concerns and questions.

Nothing has come easy in this pandemic — for anyone. Those at the county Health Department have put in long hours while doing its best to keep the public informed.

That being said, no Dunkirk social clubs — involved in a spread for weeks — had any spotlight forced upon them. One in Fredonia, which received praise in recent inspections, did.

“In fact, two separate inspections by the Chautauqua County Health Department have resulted in complimentary reports on the safety measures the club has put in place to keep its members as safe as possible,” said Beaver Club President Dave George.

His point was simple. There needs to be consistency in reporting — or specific reasons offered when naming an organization. It left a sour taste with Beaver Club officials.

We certainly understand why.


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