CHRISTMAS: Seeing the lights during holidays

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the holidays — especially this weekend around northern Chautauqua County. Once the snow has finished falling, motorists can venture out when it is safe to see the area displays.

Facebook, which rightly has its fair share of critics, also brings us together. A new page, Christmas Lights of North Chautauqua, offers suggestions on where some of the best lights can be found.

“My family and I take rides frequently to go see lights and see displays,” said Adam Dolce, who created the page. “I know we aren’t alone. When we drive around town, it can be hit and miss. We have our favorites we always stop at but we miss out on some because we don’t know where to look.”

Through last week, there were more than 500 members who have joined the group. And if you cannot get out this weekend, many keep their displays until the new year.


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