Fredonia: Some draining project comments

It appears a Fredonia Village Board leader has been a bit too transparent in their thoughts regarding the work on the water treatment facility. In October, Trustee James Lynden criticized the firm doing the work on the facility, tying it to the 20-day boil-water order the village went through in September.

Obviously, the company did not take the comments well. In a response to the Village Board in a letter, the Kandey Co. Inc. of West Seneca addressed Lynden’s comments calling them harmful to the company. “Unfortunately, I don’t feel all the parties addressed in this letter have a full understanding of what has transpired on this project since March 2020 and what (Kandey) has done above and beyond to assist with handling these issues at the direction of treatment facility and DPW with no questions asked. I request the you contact those individuals to verify my comments within,” wrote Richard H. Roberts, project manager.

For the record, everyone know Fredonia’s water is a mess. September’s crisis cannot be yesterday’s news.

There are serious issues. Criticizing a company working to fix the major problems does nothing to help the situation.


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