High praise for hospitals

Much has been made about the vaccination problems relating to COVID-19. There is no downplaying that.

However, there has been a couple shining stars locally when it comes to getting the job done. Last week, both the Brooks-TLC Hospital System Inc. in Dunkirk and UPMC Chautauqua were mentioned by state Gov. Andrew Cuomo for their work in getting the job done.

That’s no easy task, according to those close to the process. “There is no way of predicting when supplies will arrive,” said Christopher Kotowski, Brooks-TLC director of pharmacy, “but we’re able to vaccinate eligible community members oftentimes within a matter of hours of a new shipment.”

There is nothing simple about this COVID vaccination rollout. America’s goal is to have everyone treated — and soon.

Glitches have to be expected. Fortunately, we have some partners in our hospitals that are doing an exceptional job.


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