FREDONIA Petty bickering brings poor image


Village of Fredonia trustees will never get it. This group of representatives, no matter who they have been over the last 12 years, keep forgetting they work for the residents — not themselves.

In fact, since their meetings are broadcast on public access you would think they would at least try to put a better face on what’s happening in government than what they have done for more than a decade: sit back and fight amongst themselves.

It is not a pretty sight.

Even when a special meeting was called to address a simple issue of repairing the village hall elevator, the trustees and mayor have to fight about something else. This time: what is a special meeting.

“Is there some language either in village law or the charter that says a special meeting can only be held specifically for one item or that a meeting is not a meeting?” Mayor Doug Essek questioned Trustee James Lynden during the Jan. 29 gathering. “This is a meeting. It’s a special meeting. It could be a regular meeting. I would think that any business that comes up in the meantime can be addressed. What if we had another emergency item? We can’t address that? … My opinion is a meeting is a meeting whether it’s a special meeting or a regularly scheduled meeting.”

Give us all a break.

Here we are in a global pandemic and a group of adults is fighting about this piddly issue? It is a poor look for a group who is supposed to have the village’s best interests at heart.


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