Plenty of concerns facing mayor, city

Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas has broken the mold when it comes to his annual State of the City addresses. After years of residents being told about small dreams and big problems, Rosas changed all that with plenty of pizazz.

He opened the council’s chambers in City Hall to nearly 120 to 150 community and business leaders each year he has been in office for the address, which normally took place in January. Due to COVID-19, however, this edition will be very vanilla — and virtual.

For those interested, Rosas will speak at Dunkirkaccess.com at 3 p.m. today about the challenges and small victories that have occurred in the last year, which has been plagued by a worldwide pandemic.

Some of the major issues facing the city, including COVID, are the transition aid from New York state for the lack of NRG funding. That more than $1 million will be running out soon — and there has been little urgency on that. How about the division between council and the administration? Will the temper tantrums continue or can there be a truce?

How about a runaway budget? More than $24 million to run a city of under 12,000 residents is exorbitant.

None of these topics are easy to tackle. We’re curious to see how the next 11 months do play out.


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