SUNY Local leadership in COVID cases

Here is a testament to how well the State University of New York at Fredonia has done keeping the COVID-19 numbers stable. Another location, in Central New York, went to remote-learning model in the fall semester after Oct. 5.

That institution: SUNY Cortland.

And, apparently, the message regarding the seriousness of the virus has not gotten through at the start of the fall semester. A number of arrests and house parties were reported during the second weekend students had returned.

“I have received a report from the city of Cortland Police Department about large unauthorized parties held by SUNY Cortland students in recent weeks,” said SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras. “At least one of the parties had up to 100 people packed into a house. As a result, there have been several arrests of SUNY Cortland Students. I thank the City of Cortland and Cortland University Police Departments for their joint effort and tireless work.

“While I understand the fatigue and frustration of dealing with COVID, this is reckless and unacceptable behavior. Let us not forget that SUNY Cortland ended its fall semester on a state-mandated pause. If the actions of a small minority of students aren’t reversed immediately, the college will be put on a path toward a similar fate for the spring semester.”

Through Friday of last week, the university here reported 31 cases from Jan. 30 to Thursday. In Cortland, the infections were at 171.

To its credit, SUNY Fredonia — students and staff — have heeded the warnings. It is very apparent in the numbers.


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