There’s possibilities for more sharing

With a population of 1,100 residents, this corner will reiterate its opposition to the building of a new municipal facility in the town of Arkwright. What we would advocate, however, is a shared facility with neighboring Villenova.

This is not the first time we have suggested this.

In an interview with the OBSERVER last week, Arkwright Supervisor Brian McAvoy talked about repairs needed to a number of locations. His biggest priority, however, was for the town barns where plows are kept and maintained.

“The buildings need to be improved,” McAvoy said. “The town barns aren’t adequate for the type of plow trucks we’d like to get in the future. We need to keep the trucks inside to thaw them out, and if we want to get dual-axle 10-wheelers, the building needs an upgrade. It’s seen better days. It’ll be a multi-year project to make these improvements, and they won’t look like the Taj Mahal or anything. They’ll be efficient, cost effective buildings.”

Why Villenova is appealing as an Arkwright partner is because of the landscape. Both are big wind communities in the north county hills while serving less than 3,500 total residents.

We certainly — in times of concerns with the economy — do not need more government facilities. We need fewer.


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