Quick response deserves applause

For everyone involved in the response to Monday’s unfortunate gas leak around 11 a.m. in Dunkirk, there is plenty to applaud. Within minutes of the incident, first-responders — particularly the city Fire Department — took action to make sure everyone was safe.

Of greatest concern, however, was likely Dunkirk High School. On Mondays and Thursdays as part of the COVID protocols, there are students in the building. Classes, however, had to be disrupted as all were sent home due to the incident that took place in the Veterans Drive and Brigham Road area.

Dunkirk Police, National Fuel, Chautauqua County Fire Police, and East Dunkirk Fire also assisted at the scene and everything was in order — for the most part — by 12:30 p.m.

There is a lesson in this. With springtime here, as National Fuel would say, it is important to call before digging. The number is 811.

A simple call may have prevented a lot of drama on what was a beautiful afternoon.


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