There’s dangers in big parties

Fredonia Police Department is attempting to be proactive in an effort to discourage some of the partying that traditionally takes place during the first weekend of May in the village. In a news release issued on Monday, Chief Philip Maslak warned against large gatherings by students or residents.

“Students are asked to refer to their Student Code of Conduct and/or the emergency directive titled, ‘Uniform Sanctioning in response to COVID-19 Student Violations.’ These documents provide guidance and provide sanctions should compliance not be observed,” he said. “The Fredonia Police Department will continue to cooperate with Fredonia State University regarding any issues related to student conduct.”

Maslak is of course referring to the traditional Not Fred Fest. Up until last year due to students being sent home in March, the unofficial springtime event has clogged a number of village streets near downtown with young adults hopping venues and houses to be with friends and others to celebrate the end of a long year.

But during COVID-19, there are concerns of the virus creating havoc both on campus and in the community. Earlier this year — around St. Patrick’s Day — the university noted an increase in positive cases. It was due to what could happen this weekend — a number of parties.

There’s no question, students at the State University of New York at Fredonia have had more challenges in the last 15 months than those who previously attended the institution. They still need to be smart.

Large gatherings — indoors and out — spell trouble. Especially at the end of this semester.


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