Putting the clamps on any scuffles

Dunkirk’s dog park appears to be experiencing some growing pains. Within the past month, there have been concerns about a dog — and the owners — after an apparent rough-housing incident.

The dog in question and their owners are not sure if they are in the wrong. “I’m not really sure what happened,” Gary Miller said of his pet. “Vader’s very playful and he loves other dogs. There was a girl sitting on a bench and her dog came up to her and sat on the bench. Vader went up and wanted to play. All of the sudden there was a little confrontation. She said Vader bit her dog. I looked at her dog and there were no lacerations, bite marks or any evidence of an attack.”

By all accounts, the park is a great place — and offers residents and man’s best friend a location that’s outside with some freedom. But with any location, rules need to be followed by all those who take the responsibility of using the site.

Miller and his dog, for now, have been banned from the park. We’re hoping this incident serves as lesson for the city and users moving forward.

More troubles at the park may require more enforcement or restrictions that would lead to possibly fewer hours — and individuals — using the facility.


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