Find a balance between noise, fun

There is blame on both sides of a car show in June that generated hundreds of complaints in Dunkirk.

City officials and car club organizers should keep a few things in mind as they move forward.

There is an economic benefit to these shows. If people are traveling into Dunkirk from Texas, Florida and other states to participate, there is a good chance they are staying in local hotels and eating in local restaurants.

City ordinances must change to keep up with a changing society. The car shows of the 1970s and 1980s are different than car shows being organized today. Car culture in 2021 is different than car culture in the muscle car era — and chances are that muscle car owners annoyed neighbors, too, just not as many. The city should be proactive in protecting neighbors by writing clear, concise and easily enforceable noise ordinances, particularly because this won’t be the last car show to be proposed in Dunkirk. Events such as this should have to go through some sort of review by affected city agencies to make sure they are properly staffed and ready to comply with city ordinances.

Finally, organizers of these events should remember that while there is a benefit to these events, there are limits to what those in the surrounding area should have to tolerate. Interrupting weddings and graduation ceremonies is simply unacceptable no matter the benefit. Organizers need to find a balance between driving neighbors crazy and enjoying their hobby.

This is a time for give-and-take, not ultimatums.


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